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Bad Boobie was created by Glencora and her husband after Glencora began her own Breast Cancer Journey at the age of 40. 

Glencora wanted to tackle her Breast Cancer journey with a positive attitude but found very few avenues to let her express herself or let those around her know she was doing okay.  Thus Bad Boobie was born...

having a laugh at cancer....

Glencora Head Shave Party

"Eventually we were joking about it and we even turned treatment days into 'adventure days'..."

"Breast Cancer is a crappy road to find yourself on.  One day you’re doing fine then all-of-a-sudden you're facing something that might end your life.  There is every reason to find it hard to cope with.  For this reason many of the Breast Cancer support options are focused on those who are having a hard time of it.

Right from the outset we, (my husband and I), looked for ways to prevent the cancer from becoming the focus of our lives. It was just a thing we had to deal with, like any other issue that might pop up.

It wasn't all "sunshine and rainbows" for sure, but we took a lot of power away from the cancer by planning ahead, keeping informed and tackling it head-on.  The more involved we became the less overwhelming it felt.  Eventually we were joking about it and we even turned treatment days into "adventure days" which we really looked forward to.

We also took the diagnosis as an opportunity to talk about Breast Cancer with family, friends and workmates.  Typically, if you are having a conversation about any form of Cancer it’s likely to be very emotional and uncomfortable for everyone.  In society we tend to only hear about the bad cancer stories so it's something we all avoid discussing - until we have no choice.

Our pragmatic and often humorous approach made it easy for people to have a conversation and feel comfortable asking questions.  Our ability to discuss the journey in a fun way helped us convey a lot of information, allay fears and remove stigmas.

We started Bad Boobie to help women wanting to tackle Breast Cancer with a smile, (and a cheeky middle finger), and empower them to start their own conversations about Breast Cancer."

- Glencora

our process

Ethical Products

From the cotton field to the sewing room, our apparel suppliers source only ethically produced products.  For more information view the supplier info here.

Original Designs

All our artwork is designed in New Zealand specifically for Bad Boobie.  We create all our designs in-house and do not use stock designs or clip art.  It's all 100% original.

DTG Printing

Direct-to-Garment printing is like the fabric version of inkjet printing.  Each garment is printed to order which allows us to offer a wide range of designs without having to carry pre-printed stock.

Printed in NZ

Our DTG products are printed right here in Aotearoa (in the sunny Bay of Plenty).  This ensures we can fulfill our customer orders quickly as well as keep an eye on manufacturing quality.

spread the word!

Bad Boobie products are a great ice-breaker.  If you are comfortable talking about your Breast Cancer journey, or the journey of a loved one, let the people around you know – with Bad Boobie!

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